Yesterdays Supreme court ruling immediately closed two of the remaining three clinics in Arkansas and gives the anti choice minority a clear path to halting most abortions in the US.


As I have been writing about for over a year, the anti-choice plan to stop abortions is simple: prey on the powerless by driving up the cost of an abortion till the bottom 50% of America (in terms of wealth) can not afford it.   Right now for the average woman I talk to in the south an abortion represents about 3 weeks salary, and most laws like the one passed in Arkansas are designed to drive this price up.   Another tactic to drive up cost abortion costs come when women are tricked into going to fake abortion clinics.   These fake clinics have a documented play book to stall pregnant moms by lying about how far along they are until the pregnancy goes past the first trimester.   Second trimmest abortion generally are almost 3X as expensive.*


And yet there exists a safe alternative if you could only get your hands on it.   What was just outlawed in Arkansas was what they call a Medical Abortion or what we call Plan C.   It is a safe set of either two pills or in many cases one pill that can be used to have an abortion under 10 weeks (some evidence says 12 weeks – I make no judgment).   In a clinic it can cost you $750, if you can get them on your own it would be under $100.   But certainly no longer in Arkansas so now you have to cross state lines driving up price for who can least afford it again.


* PS With some great volunteers, we are working on a website to help people ID fake clinics and know how far along they are.