West Virginia II – PAIN POINTS

Talked with the folks at WV FREE – http://www.wvfree.org/.   Like many choice advocates offices you will see no sign on their building.  In fact unless you know exactly whom to ask, it is almost impossible to find them.   A sad fact for an organization that does so much good in helping West Virginia women know what their rights are.   Not only do they have cool t-shirts (pictured above) but they are probably the best place to work I have ever seen. They are dog friendly, have cool decorated offices, great tea and in-house Pilates classes.

My warm reception by their head and staff stands in great contrast to what I learned some women have to go through.   There is now only one clinic in West Virginia that offers all reproductive right options.  As one staffer points out, this could mean a 4 hour trip.  Then, when you do get to Charleston, as in many cities, there is a fake clinic next to the one you’ve been traveling so far to get to.  If, like many women do, you wander into the wrong clinic by mistake, one can only imagine the conversation.

Amy (not her real name) a congenial key staffer at WV FREE tells me that if a woman is convinced not to have a procedure and does not have the means to support the child, some groups will offer to put her on a point system.   Point system you ask?  Say you need diapers, that could be two points, formula maybe 5 points.  And how do you get these points?   On a sliding scale these groups may give you the most amount of points for attending bible training, or perhaps convincing others not to have a procedure.

I can only think of  Orwell’s book: 1984, and his vision of state control.   What would you call it?

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