The first thing I learned about Sex Ed was from my friend Amanda Garabaldi.   Amanda told me that: “boys can only make boy babies while girls can make boy or girl babies”.   That fact stayed with me from age 5 to at least age 9 or 10. And yes I can hear it now – if only she had only been right, there would be none of the humiliating degrading restrictions currently being placed on women now.

But that is not the point of today’s post.   Really it goes back, as it often does, to a Willie Parker quote. To paraphrase a bit: No one ever wakes up and says this is a great day for an abortion”.   By definition no wants an “un-wanted” pregnancy.   This is the one thing both pro and anti choice sides can agree on. Incomplete Sexual Education is probably the top cause of unwanted pregnancies in the US. The power to stop 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of abortions over the years is right in front of you: real sex education.

Someone sold the right wing a bill of goods when they told them that teaching true sex ed means you are giving a green light to sex at any age.   As I said when I waded into a church full of abortion protesters in Kentucky: what is the lesser of two evils – encouraging abortions by teaching falsehoods or preventing a few people from having sex in HS because they understood the truth?  I have nothing against saying abstinence is the safest course but I do think it is crazy when your sex ed course ignores the use condoms or leaves out any mention of a woman understanding her body or a boy understanding the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.

When I was in college there was a book that swept the campuses – it was called Our Bodies Ourselves.   Unfortunately we have regressed as a society to the point where the book is virtually unknown in the campuses in the South I visited.   Now we get our information in two minutes or less on You Tube shared by social media.   Can’t someone make some videos that are both humorous and teach?   Can’t someone please put the fun into Sex and take some of the danger out of it.   10’s of thousands of un-wanted pregnancies hang in the balance.

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