Depending on which beard you follow (Moses or Jesus) this weekend marks either Passover or Easter. As both are joyous occasions figured I would start out with some good news.   The misguided state legislature of Mississippi decided, without any evidence, to ban any abortion after 15 weeks. However within days the only clinic left in the state, the heroic Jackson Women’s, had not only challenged the ruling but gotten a ruling stopping the ban in federal court.   Will take a win wherever we can get it!!

So I will leave you with another thought.   This blog is named after the Eber’s papyrus, a 3500 document which contains the first known reference to abortion:   Certainly at the time it was written the oral traditions that became the bible were being circulated in exactly the same part of the world, and yet – THERE IS NOT ONE PLACE IN THE BIBLE WHICH PROHIBITS AN ABORTION.     Another comforting thought for the weekend.

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