I have been working on new mobile friendly website to expose fake clinics and hence have not written for a while, but while doing some research I came across three facts from the Guttmacher Institute, that made me want to shout again.   The Guttmacher institute is probably the most reliable well-researched keeper of data in the reproductive rights movement and a friend to us all.


Stat One: According to Guttmacher only 13 states require that sex education be medically or scientifically accurate*.   So essentially you can say that abortion causes breast cancer, which Mississippi actually does, without any basis in fact and that is ok.   You can tell people that condoms are not effective, which they do in parts of Alabama and Louisiana, and then close clinics for the unplanned pregnancies that this nonsense causes.


Stat Two:   Only two of our 50 states prohibit telephone harassment of Abortion clinic workers*. Yup workers can be forced to walk past screaming protesters during the day and get called at night to be berated in 48 states including California and NY.


Stat Three: Three states require the LGBT community to be portrayed in a negative light.   Yes you read that right – People teaching sex ed are required to portray homosexuality in a negative light*. In Alabama, Arizona, and South Carolina you will be taught that LGBT community is made up of deviants.   This is taken from the law in Alabama: “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public”





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