John Oliver devoted the main segment of his show to fake abortion clinics:

In the good ole U S of A. for every real clinic that performs abortions there are 2 fake clinics designed to fool women seeking abortions into not terminating an unwanted pregnancy. In the South it’s more like 8:1. Generally their main targets are poor women of color, and they even have a playbook on how to fool women.   For example they often misdiagnose a pregnancy until it is either too late or too expensive to have an abortion (second trimester abortions are a lot harder to obtain and can cost $2,000). Sometime they offer financial assistance that rarely materializes.   The sad truth is that many of these fake clinics are financed with tax-payer money and every year 100,000’s of women fall prey to their schemes.

California passed a law saying if these fake clinics do not perform abortions they have to place a sign saying they do not. The clinics filed suit saying they have a constitutional right to lie and deceive. Would think this is just common sense that a state can require that businesses do not have a right to lie but these days common sense seems in short supply and the case has made it to the supreme court.   So two weeks ago Lizz Winstead, another of my heroes, sent out a call to come to DC and stand outside the Supreme court in the freezing rain to steel their spine on this simplest of cases.   She is amazing.   Let’s hope the Supreme Court has 1/10th the integrity she does.

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