In the 1950’s – consensual love for another person could land you in jail and subject to chemical castration – witness the prosecution of Alan Turing who brought us the modern day computer. While Turing was being castrated for “gross indecency” – Rock Hudson was emerging as one of the top leading men in Hollywood. His fame continued into the 1960’s and 70’s as one Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols and carefully crafted lies.

When he died of aids and it was revealed he was gay, it changed the way America viewed gay men just as much as Ellen coming out changed the way the lesbian community was viewed by main street America. Marriage equality was un-thinkable before then,

So why bring this up in a blog on reproductive rights? Simple. As the movement says– if more women would shout out their abortions perhaps we could remove the stigma and begin reversing the 1,000 or so laws passed in just the last 20 years designed to humiliate and impede a woman’s right to a legal procedure. One in three women have had an abortion – so if you know more than three women chances you know someone who has had an abortion. Imagine if all the women who have had an abortion not only announced but voted locally to repeal those laws. This blog would not be necessary and 12 year old incest victims would not have to beg the court to free them selves of an un-wanted fetus.

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