Was searching for an article on birth control for what will be tomorrow’s blog post and found one instead that said that 50% of teen-agers are having sex. Ok – duh.   But it is good to see research $$ being put to good use.

My take away: On the one hand teens are doing exactly what they are told in ads and on prime time TV. Consensual sex is supposed to be enjoyable (that is how we got here).  And according to an episode of Two and a Half Men I happened to see in my hotel last night – it occurs between strangers shortly after hello.


On the other hand – if you had traveled to Louisiana and met Kim you may start to worry. Kim told me that she was taught in high school that condoms are 0% effective – yes you read that right – she was taught not to use condoms in her high school sex ed class. Or how about the DA of Wisconsin telling teachers that teaching contraception could get you arrested:


Teens are having sex before they are old enough to vote – that’s a fact. And thanks to high school curriculums that emphasize only abstinence, a lot of that sex is un-protected. Contrast this situation in the United States with France, where Sex Ed is mandatory and taught over a 30 hour course.   A course which spends a lot more time on a 3D clitoris* than on abstinence. The result: the US of A has a teen pregnancy rate five times higher than France and I will bet you next month’s wages that it is not because the French are avoiding sex. If you really want to reduce the number of abortions in the US – educate our kids on the many ways to avoid getting pregnant in the first place, and provide birth control for all who ask.   Oh and a 3D explanation on the clitoris* would not be so bad…..



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