Through a combination of trap laws* and crazy regulations such as forcing full burials of aborted fetus’ – many clinics in the south either had to raise prices or close.  The situation is now so dire that in my travels of the Deep South through West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and even into Texas: there are on average 1 women’s reproductive rights clinic for every 1.2 million women.    On the “bright” side for the anti-choice folks, thanks in many cases to state funding, there are 6-8 fake clinics for every real clinic. Most clinics call themselves Crisis Pregnancy Centers or CPCs, and they exist to try and trick women into not having abortions by falsely promising on-going financial support or guilting them into not having an abortion by falsely implying that the fetus looks like a real baby at 10 weeks.

One of the places I traveled was Baton Rouge to see the Louisianan legislature, with a democratic governor no less, take up bill after bill weakening protections for women seeking legal abortions. I would probably guess that the legislators making the decisions were probably 80% white males.  So I got to thinking what would it be like if women could make decisions about what white men could do with their bodies.

What do you think would go first?  Outlawing the comb-over for aesthetic reasons, or peeing standing up for sanitary reasons (they always miss).   Perhaps they would ban sitting on couches with cases of beer during sporting events on TV for health reasons? If that happened it would be fun to see how fast the plea goes out – my body my decision.


* Insisting that a clinic be tied to a hospital even though it is one of the safest procedures in the history of mankind) and then making sure no hospital will accept the clinic’s doctor

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