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Reproductive rights have been controversial for 1,000s of years. What was permissible in Greece in the third century BCE is very different than Victorian England.  Closer to home, with a new administration, things seem to be changing rapidly.   In fact what was permissible last year may not be by the end of this year.

Which ever way we look at it – to reproduce or not, laws affecting reproductive rights are coming soon.  These changes effect real people and first and foremost this blog is about people not statistics. What I would like to explore is what are people going to do now that reproductive rights will soon be more restricted. What I hope to do is speak with women who likely to be affected by these restrictions, with workers facing new regulations, and those on the other side of the issue.

Since the answers do not lay in my beloved home town, it’s time to saddle up the Prius, and take off with my dog to go those states likely to be most effected. So come join me as I explore how people in six different states are planning to cope with the changes coming down


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