By Request an update: Silicon Valley takes us back 130 years to find solution to our abortion crisis

For those who do not know – throughout most of the first 100 years of the US’s history, until the 1880’s, abortions were legal – inexpensive and performed by women (mid wives). Then men (full disclosure I am one) decided that for largely economic reasons they should be performed only by male doctors. Since women did not have the right to vote for another 40 years – laws were passed taking a woman’s right to choose out of her hands to become a man’s decision to make.

Also in 1880’s the vending machine was invented.   Why bring that up now? Well for the first time you can buy Plan B, other wise known as the morning after pill, from a slightly more modern version of the 1883 vending machine on Stanford campus*.  The heart of silicon valley has come up with a 134 year old technological solution to another of our problems.   Imagine if we could advance that just one more letter and make Plan C, which allows women to safely self-abort up to, at least 10 weeks, available at every 7-11 in the US?   Get a slurpee and make a choice that is your legal right.  Think of the stigma that would remove.



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