I have been working on new mobile friendly website to expose fake clinics and hence have not written for a while, but while doing some research I came across three facts from the Guttmacher Institute, that made me want to shout again.   The Guttmacher institute is probably the most reliable well-researched keeper of data in the reproductive rights movement and a friend to us all.


Stat One: According to Guttmacher only 13 states require that sex education be medically or scientifically accurate*.   So essentially you can say that abortion causes breast cancer, which Mississippi actually does, without any basis in fact and that is ok.   You can tell people that condoms are not effective, which they do in parts of Alabama and Louisiana, and then close clinics for the unplanned pregnancies that this nonsense causes.


Stat Two:   Only two of our 50 states prohibit telephone harassment of Abortion clinic workers*. Yup workers can be forced to walk past screaming protesters during the day and get called at night to be berated in 48 states including California and NY.


Stat Three: Three states require the LGBT community to be portrayed in a negative light.   Yes you read that right – People teaching sex ed are required to portray homosexuality in a negative light*. In Alabama, Arizona, and South Carolina you will be taught that LGBT community is made up of deviants.   This is taken from the law in Alabama: “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public”





By Request an update: Silicon Valley takes us back 130 years to find solution to our abortion crisis

For those who do not know – throughout most of the first 100 years of the US’s history, until the 1880’s, abortions were legal – inexpensive and performed by women (mid wives). Then men (full disclosure I am one) decided that for largely economic reasons they should be performed only by male doctors. Since women did not have the right to vote for another 40 years – laws were passed taking a woman’s right to choose out of her hands to become a man’s decision to make.

Also in 1880’s the vending machine was invented.   Why bring that up now? Well for the first time you can buy Plan B, other wise known as the morning after pill, from a slightly more modern version of the 1883 vending machine on Stanford campus*.  The heart of silicon valley has come up with a 134 year old technological solution to another of our problems.   Imagine if we could advance that just one more letter and make Plan C, which allows women to safely self-abort up to, at least 10 weeks, available at every 7-11 in the US?   Get a slurpee and make a choice that is your legal right.  Think of the stigma that would remove.




Having read the Bible and the New Testament cover to cover a few times it is hard for me to think of a book with more rules on sex. Nor one more misogynist.   Women are stoned for the smallest sex related offenses and the only man killed was condemned for using the withdrawal method.     Every aspect of when a woman can or cannot have sex and with whom is prescribed, and yet one thing is conspicuously absent: Abortion.   Nowhere is it condemned. It is not even mentioned. And yet we know from the Egyptians that abortion was a common practice long before the Bible and certainly the New Testament were being written and codified.

So my simple question of the day is: If you are against abortion in the name of the lord – doesn’t that mean you are putting words into the Lord’s mouth and therefore violating the 4th commandment not to take the Lord’s name in vain?


The solution to the abortion crisis may lie in a 134 year old technology.   Back in 1883, Abortions were, by and large, still legal in the US. For those who do not know, throughout most of the first one hundred years of the US’s history abortions were legal. They were also inexpensive and performed by women, midwives to be specific. Then men – full disclosure, I am one – decided, for largely economic reasons, that they should be performed only by male doctors. Since women did not have the right to vote for another almost 40 years, laws were passed taking a woman’s right to choose out of her hands and giving it to men.


Also in 1883, the vending machine was invented. Why bring this up now? Well, you can now buy Plan B, otherwise known as the morning-after pill, from a vending machine on Stanford University campus.* The heart of Silicon Valley has come up with a 134 year old technological solution to another of our problems. Imagine if we could advance that by just one more letter and make Plan C available at every 7-11. This would allow safe termination of an un-wanted pregnancy before anything is viable, up to ten weeks. Think of the stigma that would remove.




The first thing I learned about Sex Ed was from my friend Amanda Garabaldi.   Amanda told me that: “boys can only make boy babies while girls can make boy or girl babies”.   That fact stayed with me from age 5 to at least age 9 or 10. And yes I can hear it now – if only she had only been right, there would be none of the humiliating degrading restrictions currently being placed on women now.

But that is not the point of today’s post.   Really it goes back, as it often does, to a Willie Parker quote. To paraphrase a bit: No one ever wakes up and says this is a great day for an abortion”.   By definition no wants an “un-wanted” pregnancy.   This is the one thing both pro and anti choice sides can agree on. Incomplete Sexual Education is probably the top cause of unwanted pregnancies in the US. The power to stop 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of abortions over the years is right in front of you: real sex education.

Someone sold the right wing a bill of goods when they told them that teaching true sex ed means you are giving a green light to sex at any age.   As I said when I waded into a church full of abortion protesters in Kentucky: what is the lesser of two evils – encouraging abortions by teaching falsehoods or preventing a few people from having sex in HS because they understood the truth?  I have nothing against saying abstinence is the safest course but I do think it is crazy when your sex ed course ignores the use condoms or leaves out any mention of a woman understanding her body or a boy understanding the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy.

When I was in college there was a book that swept the campuses – it was called Our Bodies Ourselves.   Unfortunately we have regressed as a society to the point where the book is virtually unknown in the campuses in the South I visited.   Now we get our information in two minutes or less on You Tube shared by social media.   Can’t someone make some videos that are both humorous and teach?   Can’t someone please put the fun into Sex and take some of the danger out of it.   10’s of thousands of un-wanted pregnancies hang in the balance.


In the 1950’s – consensual love for another person could land you in jail and subject to chemical castration – witness the prosecution of Alan Turing who brought us the modern day computer. While Turing was being castrated for “gross indecency” – Rock Hudson was emerging as one of the top leading men in Hollywood. His fame continued into the 1960’s and 70’s as one Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols and carefully crafted lies.

When he died of aids and it was revealed he was gay, it changed the way America viewed gay men just as much as Ellen coming out changed the way the lesbian community was viewed by main street America. Marriage equality was un-thinkable before then,

So why bring this up in a blog on reproductive rights? Simple. As the movement says– if more women would shout out their abortions perhaps we could remove the stigma and begin reversing the 1,000 or so laws passed in just the last 20 years designed to humiliate and impede a woman’s right to a legal procedure. One in three women have had an abortion – so if you know more than three women chances you know someone who has had an abortion. Imagine if all the women who have had an abortion not only announced but voted locally to repeal those laws. This blog would not be necessary and 12 year old incest victims would not have to beg the court to free them selves of an un-wanted fetus.


With all the noise in and around this White House it’s easy to miss that the alt right now has the support to undermine most of your basic rights.   Frankly I am a lot more concerned that women in Texas are about to be humiliated further and forced to have a ceremony which they will have to pay for to bury their aborted fetus, than 45 inane tweets or ogling the first lady of France.


Lost in all the scandals is that is not enough for some to try to outlaw a woman’s right to choose an abortion, now they are after your right to have sex without getting pregnant. Over 50,000,000 US women may soon have their access to birth control sharply curtailed or eliminated for economic reasons. There is now a panel trying to take birth control off insurance coverage.   This article in the NYT just blew me away:


I close with a poem that you all know. Please say it with me. I am not kidding.   Repeat this out loud:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


FACT ONE: Here is a shock: both the pro- choice and anti-choice groups arguing about abortion have the same ultimate goal: no more abortions. Nobody wakes up and says: “Gee I would like to go through possible community humiliation and harassment to spend money I cannot spare to have a procedure that at best is just painful”.


FACT TWO: Abortions are a direct result of an unwanted pregnancy. One way to avoid that is not to have sex, and as we found out yesterday, for most that is simply not going to happen. Nor should it if we want to continue as a human race. The other way is through contraception.


So if we all can agree that no abortions are a good goal – how about a way to get there? Ever since we started to reproduce there have been forms of contraception. In fact this blog is named for a 3,500 year old document on contraception.   There are now a number of pre- and post-sexual intercourse forms of contraception and a recent blog post by Brewster Kahle puts it succinctly:


Now it is just a matter of telling people what their options are – and that is up to you!



Was searching for an article on birth control for what will be tomorrow’s blog post and found one instead that said that 50% of teen-agers are having sex. Ok – duh.   But it is good to see research $$ being put to good use.

My take away: On the one hand teens are doing exactly what they are told in ads and on prime time TV. Consensual sex is supposed to be enjoyable (that is how we got here).  And according to an episode of Two and a Half Men I happened to see in my hotel last night – it occurs between strangers shortly after hello.


On the other hand – if you had traveled to Louisiana and met Kim you may start to worry. Kim told me that she was taught in high school that condoms are 0% effective – yes you read that right – she was taught not to use condoms in her high school sex ed class. Or how about the DA of Wisconsin telling teachers that teaching contraception could get you arrested:


Teens are having sex before they are old enough to vote – that’s a fact. And thanks to high school curriculums that emphasize only abstinence, a lot of that sex is un-protected. Contrast this situation in the United States with France, where Sex Ed is mandatory and taught over a 30 hour course.   A course which spends a lot more time on a 3D clitoris* than on abstinence. The result: the US of A has a teen pregnancy rate five times higher than France and I will bet you next month’s wages that it is not because the French are avoiding sex. If you really want to reduce the number of abortions in the US – educate our kids on the many ways to avoid getting pregnant in the first place, and provide birth control for all who ask.   Oh and a 3D explanation on the clitoris* would not be so bad…..




The stakes are high in Louisville and both sides are dug in.   As I am driving into Kentucky I hear an interview with a US Senator named Tom. Tom recounts his fundamentalist background and says that a top agenda item is to… “repeal Roe vs. Wade…and defund those killing our youngest citizens.”   For the first time in Kentucky’s 225-year history Republicans hold a super majority, and despite campaign promises not to go after non monetary issues, state legislation on reproductive rights is coming fast and furious. There are bills requiring ultra sounds, extending waiting periods, and defunding Planned Parenthood. And the list is growing rapidly.

Luckily the team at the ACLU has been studying the restrictive bills being passed and is well prepared. I love their determination but given the current political climate they have their work cut out for them.

Like its neighbor West Virginia, Kentucky, which had 17 clinics in the 1970’s, is recently down to just one clinic. On the ground Meg and a team of other volunteers escort women who wish to avail themselves of these services past protestors and into the clinic. In fact they do so much more in providing assistance but that will be on another post.

Amazingly Meg has been doing this for 17 years. Being new to all this I think about that.   What cause would I believe in enough to donate a significant amount of my time for 17 years? You just do not see volunteer commitment like that every day!

Meg tells me about what women have to endure entering the clinic.   Aside from the catcalls and guilt trips, she says: “in a small state many women are recognized and the protestors will actually call their mothers and friends to tell them that they saw so and so entering the clinic”.   Since the clinic is 3 hours away from some border towns, Meg tells me stories about the hardship women, often traveling with small children, had to endure to exercise their reproductive rights. She even tells me of a survivor of sex trafficking that needed extra help.

One of the most important ways to help is to supply gas cards for those who need them.   So if you have any lying around please contact me and I will get them into the right hands.


Note: The powerful picture above is from an exhibit at 21c in Louisville   The exhibit is called the Future is female: